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Feedback & Disaster audio/video compilation

dj elephant power

DJ elephant power creates electronic music.

dj elephant power

Composing music from the instinctive relation with musical instruments. (toying around with them) Turntable battle universe passionate (check his name). He explores new ways of scratching with additional materials like: keyboards, waterdrums, samplerbox, dugi dugi, flutes ,cha chas, laptop... This results in a very personal musical playground. After lots of collaborations like Scratch Pet Land (duo band with his brother), fan club orchestra (aka dj crol) or electro sold collectif (impro radio show), he needed something to push his energy further and made his first solo album "no si,ni so" (sonig) in 2004.

dj elephant power is called Nicolas Baudoux and lives in Brussels at the moment.
Dj ELEPHANT POWER's new studio album coming in early 2007 (sonig)


feedback & disaster contributions by DJ Elephant Power
too much too fast too true too slow: scrrratccch maldivia

online seit 25.05.2008 Drucken Drucken

is the digital artist, researcher, visual artist and performer Laura Skocek
Andreas Stoiber / Krach der Roboter
Besitzt eine umfassende Sammlung alter
Kinderhörspielkassetten, die er gelegentlich
in thematisch gegliederten Auschnitten
in Vorträgen präsentiert.

Judith Maule
Judith Maule
textile, fashion, comics
NI aka Jennifer Schwartze studied Multimedia Arts / lives / works as a
multimedia artist, Graphic- & Webdesigner, DJ/VJ and Partyorganiser in