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Feedback & Disaster audio/video compilation

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audio-visual compilation

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Feedback & disaster constitutes an audio-visual compilation that is published online. Until now there have been presentations of works by artists who publish their own magazine or fan-/infozine, work with cultural organizations, sound, animation, video, music, free radio and free TV, graphic design, street-art, radio plays and comics.

Each edition of the published compilation has a theme, past editions can be read and extended permanently. Other than with conventional formats the online-compilation allows works to be published according to their medium and users are able to download files for free at any time.

The two founders Doris Prlic and Andreas Kurz created feedback & disaster in order to work at the intersection of art, popart and theory. They aim to create a network for various subcultural fields. Content-wise they put an emphasis on questions regarding political and artistic strategies: How and to what extent is it possible to realize political positions? What channels can be used to communicate contents? How do political statements work in the field of popart and art?

(translation by sonja meller)

Feedback&Disaster is a project by gold extra

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Doris Prlic: organisation, webhosting, texts, concepts
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Andreas Kurz (washer): co-founder, sound-related problems, conceputal advice
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Ingo Leindecker: web-programming, conceptual advice

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responsible for the content of this site is:
gold extra
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if anything seems political or something incorrect it's because of artistic reasons.

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