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Feedback & Disaster audio/video compilation

F&D at Kuenstlerhaus Salzburg
F&D at Kuenstlerhaus Salzburg

gold extra with feedback&disaster at the Tag der offenen Tür/Kuenstlerhaus Salzburg
June 30, 2007

gold extra at the Tag der offenen Tuer / Kuenstlerhaus Salzburg

At the "Tag der offenen Tuer" (day of open doors) at Kuenstlerhaus Salzburg there was a presentation of the sound-compilation „too much too fast too true too slow“.
An exhibition of the Sound Compilation "too much, too fast, too true, too slow", which gold extra has produced in cooperation with feedback&disaster and the german label true call, took place, and there was a screening of the web-serial "Science, Research & a Spy".
Furthermore one could see the crazy robots from the play "Black Box" (by gold extra).

In the evening, there have been livesets of musicians who participated in the compilation CD. Cherry Sunkist from Linz presented a great sound/voice set jumping from pop to experimental electronic and guitar-rock, Zimmer from Berlin played an electronic live-set and Doris Prlic and Ingo Leindecker performed the radio/sound piece "Out of Demand"


+ Screening of the Web-Serial "Scienc, Research & a Spy", exhibition of the Sound-Compilation "too much, too fast, too true, too slow"
+ radio-archive installation "Out of Demand".
+ Exhibition of the robots from the robotic play "Black Box"

Presentation of the Compilation CD "too much too fast too true too slow"

Zimmer (DE)
Cherry Sunkist (AUT)
Leindecker/Prlic (AUT)

online seit 26.05.2008 Drucken Drucken

"Too Much..." RELEASEPARTY at April 20, 2007 at WORM/Rotterdam
too much too fast too true too slow Rotterdam-Releaseparty
exhibition at Kunstraum Goethestrasse
exhibition at Kunstraum Goethestrasse
Kunstraum Goethestrasse / Linz, November 16, 2004
Science, Research and a Spy at Roter Krebs/Linz
Science, Research and a Spy at Roter Krebs/Linz
Screening of „Science, Research and a Spy“ at Roter Krebs/Linz, March 10, 2006
some more screenings
further screenings of Science, Research & a Spy so far.